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Arbaaz Khan’s Girlfriend Giorgia breaks her silence on Arbaaz ex wife Maliaka arora | Me news odisha

Georgia Andriani broke her silence on Malaika Arora for the first time Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora’s marriage broke up in the year 2017 after the divorce where Malaika started dating Arjun Kapoor eight years younger to her.

Arbaaz Khan has made 22 years younger Georgia his girlfriend, meanwhile Arbaaz’s girlfriend Georgia has given a statement for the first time about her step-in-law Malaika Arora, Georgia has told how her relationship with Malaika is in an interview given to Bollywood Hungama Was asked if he has met Malaika Arora? On this, Georgia replied, yes, sometimes I like her and I appreciate her journey a lot, she also started her career almost from zero, she was a model, so she slowly reached the point where she is today. I salute him for this, he is right for me, I am such a person whom I admire, while twenty-two year old age spoke openly to Arbaaz, but Georgia said that even though there is a big age difference between us, we never feel it. Hota we have come to such a phase of our relationship where we think how we can take this relationship forward Georgia Andriani and Arbaaz Khan are dating each other for the last four years their relationship started in the year 2018 Georgia is also very close to Salman and his family. There are reports that in the coming year 2023, where Malaika will marry Arjun Kapoor, Arbaaz will take seven rounds with Georgia. Well, what would you say about George and Malaika’s bonding? 

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