• Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Kajol gets angry on her daughter trolling on social media – ME NEWS ODISHA


Kajol’s anger has erupted over her hair spewing venom against daughter Nyasa. Ajay Devgan’s daughter Nyasa Devgan remains on target every day.

People are surprised to see her transformation. Many people have told her plastic surgery is the reason for her changed look. They are trolled because of their looks and sometimes people taunt them because of their attitude. Kajol is fed up with such taunts being meted out to her daughter. She has reprimanded those who speak against her daughter. They are sad to see all this, in an interview with Times, Kajol said, I feel trolling has now become a part of social media, it is seventy-five percent of social media, if you are trolled, you are noticed. Even if you are a troll, you are famous. In today’s time, it has become such that if you are not a troll, then you cannot be famous. In these articles, those two things out of a hundred are highlighted, which are wrongly trusted. Meanwhile, Kajol has also accepted that she gets sad seeing her daughter being trolled, but she always explains to her daughter about these things that always pay attention to positive things as well the daughter is currently studying in Switzerland, although she is mostly seen enjoying herself with friends in parties, due to which Na Saheb is often on the target of people, in today’s era, Nyasa has become the most trolled star kid. What would you say about this answer of Well Kajol? And give us your opinion in the comment

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