Bollywood's superstar hero number one Govinda turns 59. He celebrated his birthday with his wife Sunita and children.

Sunita has shared a video in which Govinda is seen cutting the cake. In Bollywood, after Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan, Govinda is the only one who got the most love from the people

If Govinda's career had landed in the army, today he would have been a bigger actor than Shahrukh and Salman.

However, on the one hand, where he is getting greetings from crores of his fans on Govinda's birthday, on the other hand, there is a snake sniffing in Bollywood's birthday wishes.

No big actor has even said two words for Govinda. The same thing happens in Bollywood, the other actors fall for the one whose tuti speaks.

In the era of nineties, no hero could stand in front of Govinda. Govinda was that hero who used to do serious role along with comedy in a pinch.

Everyone used to fade in front of his dance. In those days, Salman often stand bowing his head in front of Shah Rukh and Govinda.

Govinda once signed 70 films at once. Then in the year 171010 films of Govinda used to be released and it used to earn in a big way.

But after this such an atmosphere was created against Govinda that his ongoing career stopped. Govinda says that wrong marketing was done against him in the film industry.

It was told that Govinda has become very arrogant and does not even talk with manners.this reason, Govinda kept disappearing from films and today he doe

not even have a film. Although Govinda is trying hard to make a comeback in films, but you don't want to spend any money on him.

This is the reason why even Govinda's children are not getting work in Bollywood. We wish Govinda a very happy birthday.